We cover a wide range of disciplines: You are welcome to contact us with legal translations (e. g., contracts, briefs), technical translations (e. g., manuals), press releases, or business correspondence more.

For example, if you require a translation of a manual from Spanish, this will be done by one of our certified native translators. Then, your documents can be easily recognized by an office or public body. If desired, we finish your order with temporal preference.

When selecting our specialist translators, we pay particular attention to their small number of selected specialist areas. This has the advantage; they not only control the areas but have well-founded knowledge. Therefore, a specialist translator specialized in law is familiar with the legal expertise and the legal situation of the respective country.


Certified Translations

What does document translation involve? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'to translate' is to express the sense of words or text in another language. There is, however, a world of difference between a simple translation and a quality translation.

In Wonderlanguages, we have a team capable of making that difference. That allows us to produce documents that do not appear to be translations but rather originals authored in another language. This is the key to a quality translation. The reader of the translated document should not perceive that it was written in another language; instead, it should seem that the translated document is in its original form.

"A certified translation or an apostille, a requirement of legalization for foreign public documents, is requested by the authorities. That is annoying, but quickly done with us."

Thanks to our network of linguists, specialized in different fields, we can meet the diverse needs of our clients.

On-demand, you get your certified translation quickly!


Übersetzungen bei Wonderlanguages Sprachdienstleistungen

Website Localization

Websites are a window to the world of communication. Everything from the essential blogs to the most complex sites can be found on the Internet. Some are made with content management systems, others with Flash. Thanks to these and other tools, we can share our knowledge, publicize a brand, or even display all of our products and sell them online.

A website must be adapted to our needs, reference, and abilities and accessible to anyone interested in it in the future. It is crucial to localize and translate the website into as many languages as possible, raising the number of potential website users. Wonderlanguages encourages you to ask for a price quote and see for yourself that it is possible to reach the whole world if you want to.



Proofreading and editing are crucial to quality writing. A lousy translation or poorly written text can create many problems. This is why we collaborate with language professionals trained in proofreading and editing texts and specialized in different knowledge fields.

Wonderlanguages proofreading service is tailored to the needs of each client, but here are some of the most highly solicited services:

- Bilingual Editing: Sometimes clients have already translated texts, and they want to check the translation quality and make sure, for example, that the same information is conveyed as in the original text and the style used is appropriate. Editing jobs like this require the translated version to be meticulously compared and contrasted with the original version. Wonderlanguages editors are professional native speakers of the end language with fluency in both the source text's language and culture.

- Proofreading: Spelling, typographic and grammatical errors spoil even an exceptionally accurate translation, so a language professional must proofread and correct any mistakes that may turn up in a text to ensure maximum quality.

- Standard Editing: In this way, editing the editor is sent a single original document and ensures that it is correct and consistent, well-structured, and appropriate for the target audience. It does not hurt the image of the company behind the content. In a good editing job, the original author's style is not altered, but the language may be changed to clarify potential ambiguities or misunderstandings.

Thanks to our professional proofreading & editing service, clients can rest easy in the knowledge that readers will understand exactly what the author wants to convey.


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