Language courses for companies

Gain confidence in a local language. Become familiar with its people and its culture. Our international customers appreciate varied and entertaining classes! Contact us. We are happy to listen to your needs and will produce a course custom-made for your company.


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What are our courses like?

In separate units, we teach knowledge, culture, and the language of Germany. Instead of learning not only the theory with grammar sections, we learn here to speak German with our courses, which are oriented to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and on the base of the communicative approach which focuses on the essential points to get ahead with the foreign language. In this method, you learn languages in everyday situations in which you direct and express your needs. The most important aim is to acquire mother tongue competencies.

We only have small groups (max. 4 people) to help you learn effectively! This helps you to get to know your course participants easier.

Our friendly teachers are trained and qualified instructors with intercultural competence and ample teaching experience. They are happy to conduct a placement test and report back on your progress.

At a glance

  • Learn regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR/CEF/CEFRL) 

  • Creating a learning plan

  • Group and one-to-one classes (individual training)

  • Small group classes only

  • Pronunciation training

  • Use the language with the communicative approach

  • Develop all skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)

  • Continuous assessment of learning progress

  • Exam preparation

  • Participation certificates

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A variety of methods makes learning interesting

There is no right way to learn. At Wonderlanguages we use all learning methods. This means you learn with all the senses, and you get to develop all language skills. We do however focus on the communicative approach. Naturally, all methods are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). You learn precisely what you would like to improve with qualified native speakers. Participate in conversations and learn how to express yourself.

Email us to arrange a placement test.


Distance Learning: flat rate correction service for languages

Another kind of language course is our flat rate plan for written exercises, language levels A1 to B2. Over 30 days! Corrections are emailed to you within approximately two days. Feel free to choose the exercises yourself or request them from Wonderlanguages. We will then send them to you by email.

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Member of the German Association of Spanish Teachers

Asociación Alemana de Profesores de Español

For individuals

Depending on where you work, you may even be able to deduct the cost of your language course off against your tax liability!

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