Consecutive, Simultaneous or Phone Interpreting

Wonderlanguages has always striven for excellence and top quality in its services. That is why it has always surrounded itself with the best professionals in the industry. We have a database with interpreters, categorized by language combination, interpreting style, field specialization, and technical expertise. This superb human team, along with a firm commitment to innovation and incorporating the latest technological advancements in the field, has enabled us to offer a wide range of services suitable for any multilingual situation.

Counseling Interpreter

What is a counseling interpreter?

A counseling interpreter does not transfer simultaneous or time-delayed oral content but counseling how to proceed in certain circumstances. For instance, if you plan to outsource your company processes, search for foreign customers, or buy a car being a novice.

Do I need an interpreter or a counseling interpreter?

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Our Translators

Court and conference interpreters, who are generally sworn-in and publicly appointed. Our consecutive and simultaneous interpreters are experts in their field.

Our specialized areas: Jurisprudence, Humanities, Art, Culture, Sports, Marketing, Media, Human Resource (Services), Forensic, Technology, Economy, Tourism, Real Estate.

Reticent, discreet and professional are our interpreters.

Interpreters for example for:
notary appointments
trials and court cases
marriages and marriage ceremonies
audits and quality audits
support at authorities and public offices
fairs and trade shows
doctor´s visit
weddings and marriage ceremony
notary and conveyancer appointments

How Does Work The Interpreting?

How Does Work The Interpreting?

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