Language courses and German for professional purposes

Business language courses produce profitable solutions for multilingual requirements, with which you can reach out to global customers and arouse their interest. Reach international consumers, communicate in-house with your multilingual workforce and collaborate with international partners. Classes in German for professional purposes keep your staff well-informed.

Are you a corporate customer looking to reach international consumers or collaborate with international partners? Here you can find information about language courses and German for professional purposes using the communicative approach.


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Translation and Interpreting

Translation of websites, blogs, instruction manuals, contracts, etc. into all common languages; sworn translations, for example certificates, forms, letters, etc.

Specialist areas: Law, Humanities, Sports, Marketing, Media, Human Ressources, Forensics, Technology, Business & Economics, Tourism, Real Estate.

Do you need an interpreter at a fair, conference or meeting to understand what is going on? Or for a personal need, such as a wedding or for a local authority appointment? We will be happy to help you!

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German for care workers – Speak German with confidence

In Germany, approximately one-third of people in need of care are looked after in facilities. The remaining two-thirds are done so in their own home. According to the German medical journal Ärzteblatt, Germany would need 50.000 nursing professionals if this split were to change (as of December 2019). Wonderlanguages helps counteracts labour shortages in system-relevant care professionals, such as care home workers and qualified nurses. Nursing staff is given language training to improve their life in Germany, and make their stay long and pleasant. At Wonderlanguages, you are in good hands.

Online language courses, specialist language courses, translation, interpreting

One-stop language courses and translations. Online languages courses, German for professional purposes, translation into all common languages, and interpreting.

We translate into all official languages. The main languages in our languages courses are Spanish, English, German as a foreign language, business German, Turkish and Serbian. We also offer telc and Goeth examination preparation. Other languages available upon request.

Wonderlanguages has been an international trademark since February 2021.