Our Philosophy

Only if you put yourself in the position of a person, you understand him! We counsel and accompany you to help you to achieve your desired language level and handle smoothly your translation and interpretation order.

Language training for your company, translations, e. g. of instructions for use, certified translations of documents such as driving licenses, certificates,  degrees and diploma, consulting translator and interpreter, as well as assistance in first cuts in Germany.

Why Wonderlanguages?

Are there wonders and what do languages have to do with a wonder? Can you learn a language just easily? Or is everything just wonderful? That is not entirely true. With our best arrangements and with our professional staff we take care of your request. Do you not know how to proceed with your concern? We put things right!

Your translation order will be edited from a specialist with the respective native speaker. Our translations are proofread from an additional translator to assure the quality. We make a point of quality and sustainability.

Our trainers are certified language coaches with intercultural skills and extensive experience in teaching. To evoke and maintain learners motivation, we take care of our trainer’s motivation as well. Through many years abroad and funded expertise, we tell you what exactly is to consider in your order.

Any questions?

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