About us

Do miracles (“Wunder” in German) exist? And if so, what do miracles have to do with learning languages? Can you learn a language miraculously? Or is everything just like a miracle? With our best arrangements and with our professional staff, we take care of your needs. Not sure how to proceed with your concern? We put things right! At Wonderlanguages you are in the right place!

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Teachers and translators

Our friendly freelancers are certified language trainers, interpreters, and translators with intercultural competence and ample teaching experience in their mother tongue. Motivation matters a lot when learning. To maintain learner motivation, we work on the learner’s motivation daily. Thanks to our many years abroad and broad expertise, we are in the position to tell you precisely what counts in the engagement. Our interpreters are discrete, professional, and maintain strict confidentiality. They are familiar with several specialist areas and have been prepped for your engagement. Conference- and court interpreters are officially sworn-in and publicly appointed.

Different time zone? Our native teachers and translators live all over the world and are available outside of business hours too. They live in Serbia, Vietnam, Spain, France, England, the USA, Turkey, and Germany.

At Wonderlanguages, you are in good hands.

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